Accelerate your company
with intelligent healthcare systems

Amphora Health helps your team grow exponentially.

We manage your healthcare data

We provide health data science expertise

We focus on patients’ privacy

Streamline your data management

Managing and organizing large volumes of data is a difficult task, let our platforms do it for you.

  • Novel ETL pipeline
    Our AI-driven ETL team transforms and cleans your data
  • Data Ownership
    Share your data and export it in multiple formats

Generate new insights

Access your data with ease so you can focus on reproducing your studies and generating new insights for your organization.

  • No-code interface
    No need to learn complicated languages or propietary syntax to create analysis
  • Interactive visualizations
    Use our interactive graphs and filters to create easy to read figures to show your most relevant data

Collaborate with your team

Add your members and give them access to the data relevant to their needs

  • On cloud
    Keep up to speed with your data no matter where in the world
  • Secure and private
    Multiple levels of management and permissions keep your data in the right hands