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Data Science

Execution of data science projects. Data science, biostatistics, artificial intelligence, computational learning, deep learning, clustering, bioinformatics, computational genomics.

Curation of biomedical content. Assignment of standardized codes using medical ontologies (e.g. diseases, laboratories, procedures, etc.) in the abstraction of clinical texts.

Real-world evidence generation. Support in the design, modeling, and collection of real-world data to support observational studies.

Software development. Design, development and evaluation of software and web applications to support biomedical decision making.


Clinical trials. Facilitate the selection of relevant literature, designing studies, eligibility requirements and selection of sites. Our services include  writing protocols, working with the regulators and IRBs, and translating documents.



Databases. SQL, PostreSQL 

Languages. R, Python, Java, C

Infrastructure. Github, Docker, AWS

Medical Coding. ICD, ICD-O, SNOMED, LOINC

Data exchange. FHIR, OHDSI, Google Health API, Apple Health API


We recognize the importance for a life-science company regarding data privacy certifications, as well as bioethical and regulatory considerations applicable in the countries that its clientel operate. We value our customer’s approach in North America by adhering to the following:

  • United States: HIPAA, CCPA

  • Mexico: Cofepris, INAI, NOM-024-SSA3-2010, General Law of Health in matters of Health Research

  • Canada: PIPEDA, PHIPA

In addition, we also consider general regulations that are applicable in the region:

  • North America: USMCA Chapter 19 on Digital Trade.

  • European Union: GDPR

  • Global: Common Law, Helsinki Declaration, WHO, PAHO